Cheats and hacks for Panthera Frontier

Cheats and hacks for Panthera Frontier

Catmium is the most used cheat code for Panthera Frontier on Android and IOS devices. Catmium for Panthera Frontier usually costs $9.99 if you are buying in the app. Our hack tool has 6 more cheats that you can use.

Panthera Frontier Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for in app purchases below, no human verification:

  1. 350 Catmium $9.99

  2. 1,000 Catmium $24.99

  3. 150 Catmium $4.99

  4. Special Offer - Striker Pack! $1.99

  5. 55 Catmium $1.99

  6. Special Offer - Survival Pack! $5.99

  7. 25 Catmium $0.99

How to use Panthera Frontier hack tool

To use a hack tool for Panthera Frontier all you need to is click on USE HACK TOOL button, you will be presented with tool page, click on in app purchases you want , select a platform and location and follow the instructions to get your currency or other types of in-game values. There is no need to download anything, hacks work online and your device is safe!

Panthera Frontier Cheats Codes

Note that these codes are only for reference and made for internal app testing by Ayopa Games LLC game developer, luckily we obtained them for you, but the only way to use them is through our hack tool.

350 Catmium $9.99 ——- Cheat: VG4KGIPS5N
1,000 Catmium $24.99 ——- Cheat: MEJRQAPLIU
150 Catmium $4.99 ——- Cheat: EZSENBCEIK
Special Offer – Striker Pack! $1.99 ——- Cheat: D0ZWJSJUF3
55 Catmium $1.99 ——- Cheat: ODKQ9A3PSE
Special Offer – Survival Pack! $5.99 ——- Cheat: VR5K4EEUMF
25 Catmium $0.99 ——- Cheat: ODFIPBJ6KE

Cheat codes list Panthera Frontier

Panthera Frontier Description

Adventure into space with your starship and crew. Discover amazing new alien species to recruit and train, and find powerful weapons to install on your craft. Uncover unique new ships to pilot and command, engaging in tactical combat where you are the commander of your forces! The vast fantasy universe of Panthera Frontier awaits, commander!

- Explore a huge fantasy universe in an endless adventure!
- Choose, train, and control a huge variety of crew!
- Fire awesome weapons in action-packed battles.
- Loads of unique craft to discover, customize & upgrade.
- Daily missions and multiple new objectives to aim for!
- IAPs can be used to progress more quickly and more easily through Panthera Frontier, but we recommend playing through using your own skill and ability first!
- Internet connection is now only required when launching the game for the first time.



by Fartinglsutiger on 07/19/2017 - Version: 1.4

Paid $5 for this game and it's a pay to play. No side quests, main quests are impossible.

Love it

by Mr.Cobbleton on 07/18/2017 - Version: 1.5

Great job on the game love it

Needs tuning!

by mryuk on 07/04/2017 - Version: 1.3

Painful grind. Buggy. Loose weapons that takes hours of play to get while transferring. Very poor documentation. Could have been great.

Needs some Polishing up

by DatGuySolid on 07/01/2017 - Version: 1.3

Good graphics, but you NEED a zoom in and out function. Haven't had to pay for anything in game but I've only put in 45 minutes of play! Doesn't seem like you'll NEED to buy anything though unless you want to. Need more aliens instead of fury cute ones. Still need to play more to fully review it! So far a 3 though!


by apowers313 on 07/01/2017 - Version: 1.3

$5 then it just nags you to buy all the in app purchases. Lame.


by Sopants on 06/30/2017 - Version: 1.3

Just a great little game. Ignore what others have said about iap, it's COMPLETELY optional, and this is a full premium experience. The obvious parallel here is ftl. The battle mechanics aren't quiiite as sharp as that amazing classic, but they're closer than you might expect. The thing about it that is actually -better- than ftl, in my opinion, is that this is NOT a roguelike. It's an open, HUGE universe with lots to do. Progression may be a weeee bit on the slow side, but it feels pretty fair. The thing I think is most needed here, however, is a pause button for battles. I gather the dev probably wanted to keep the battles moving, given how many you must fight compared to ftl, but it would greatly help make tactical decisions in the middle of a hectic battle. Especially when you're trying to pick targets on the other ship and toggle back to keep your crew alive at the same time. I used the pause button constantly in ftl, and I find myself really missing it here. All in all, a great premium experience, and a fantastic value at 5$. Support premium devs by buying this little gem! Just give us that pause button and this would be one of the better games on the whole app store ?

Acts like a Freemium title, but isn't free.

by Differus on 06/30/2017 - Version: 1.3

Device: iPhone 6s Plus I don't buy mobile games, but this one grabbed my attention with it's Faster Than Light-like gameplay footage with adorable animal characters. I figured why not - it couldn't possibly behave like the Freemium games I'm used to playing on mobile, since I paid five bucks for this one, right? The game continues to feature in-app purchases even after you buy it. In-game currency is slow to come by, and upgrading your ship feels like a grindfest because of it. Again, I would expect that sort of thing from a free game - not one with a price tag. Additionally, there have been several moments where the game has altogether frozen - "soft crashed" - where the music is still playing, the idle animations are still running, but nothing can be interacted with. I have to fully close out the game and restart it, sometimes losing a little progress. This game is disappointing to say the least. It's rough around the edges and still feels like a grind-filled Freemium title with in-app purchases. Would not recommend.

Do not buy

by temujin87 on 06/29/2017 - Version: 1.3

When you pay $5 for a premium game and then you realize this game is just a clone of Faster Than Light except with different graphics. On top of that this game has IAP! Who charges five dollars for a game and then puts IAP in there!!! Total rip off just get FTL instead.

IAP optional

by Subgenious on 06/28/2017 - Version: 1.3

This is a tremendous open ended space exploration sim in the vein of FTL. I completely disagree with the previous review as well. IAP is totally optional, and exists only to speed things along if you so wish.

Awesome game and very involved developer

by febriew on 06/28/2017 - Version: 1.3

The game is getting better every update The developer is very responsive and involved on toucharcade forum

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