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About us

Hyperion cheats is a community of gamers that got bored of game creators abusing gaming, making industry of gamers, earning big bucks and providing very bad or no playable content. That is why our group of friends decided to step in and make cheats and hacks for a lot of games, to try to give edge to players, make them enjoy the games. Not just pay money for in game items and gain nothing. Imagine a player that have a lot of money, he buys stuff in-game and he is the best, while you ordinary player keep playing, waste your precious time and gain nothing? That is why we are here, to help you the gamer and make gaming precious again.

Welcome to Hyperion Cheats, here you will find everything you need for your gaming needs!


Hyperion cheats are based in New York, our contact details are:

Email: [email protected]

Country: United States
Address: NY Manhattan, KS 64356

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions of problems with using our cheats and hacks.