Flight! hack apk

Flight! hack apk

Dollars is the most used cheat code for Flight! on Android and IOS devices. Dollars for Flight! usually costs $2.99 if you are buying in the app. Our hack tool has 2 more cheats that you can use.

Flight! Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for in app purchases below, no human verification:

  1. 30,000 Dollars $2.99

  2. 15,000 Dollars $1.99

  3. 5,000 Dollars $0.99

How to use Flight! hack tool

To use a hack tool for Flight! all you need to is click on USE HACK TOOL button, you will be presented with tool page, click on in app purchases you want , select a platform and location and follow the instructions to get your currency or other types of in-game values. There is no need to download anything, hacks work online and your device is safe!

Flight! Cheats Codes

Note that these codes are only for reference and made for internal app testing by Armor Games Inc game developer, luckily we obtained them for you, but the only way to use them is through our hack tool.

30,000 Dollars $2.99 ——- Cheat: IRKRZC7TJV
15,000 Dollars $1.99 ——- Cheat: 62PIFFBXEZ
5,000 Dollars $0.99 ——- Cheat: XJVSIE5HOQ

Cheat codes list Flight!

Flight! Description

Take Flight and make a little girl's holiday wish come true in this addictive arcade game.

Throw your paper airplane from one country to the next as you soar through beautiful, charming environments. Steer your plane to catch shooting stars and origami cranes, or even shoot beyond the atmosphere!

With tons of upgrades to unlock and achievements to earn, it's easy to see why Flight has over 10 million plays, and is rated a favorite by thousands of players. We're sure it'll become a beloved addition to your iOS library to bring you back again and again, too.

-Simple yet addictive gameplay
-Upgrades to enhance your paper plane
-Over 20 achievements to unlock
-Charming game design and soothing soundtrack
-Different countries to soar through, each with their own design
-Complementary world travel included


“Wind streams” are dumb

by Bojoe on 12/09/2017 - Version: 1.2.7

Great game but the wind stream mechanic (that you claim gives you time to avoid) has no indication of when and where it’s going to happen. And I’m tired of getting grows where I literally go 5m/s the entire time with a fully upgraded plane. It’s irritating as all can be. Make it so it takes a lesser percentage of your speed or make it so the “wind sock” I purchased actually works and appears.


by Mws555 on 10/19/2017 - Version: 1.2.7

I wish I could have more options for customizing my plane

Fun BUT...

by LISTEN!!!!!!!! on 04/07/2017 - Version: 1.2.7

I managed to get all the upgrades besides the Frog upgrade. I think it's pointless. I have 30k and I refuse to use it on the frog. We need upgrades that are good or turn some of the utilities into upgrades. Thanks for the good work. FLY HIGH!


by SMMikrut on 02/19/2017 - Version: 1.2.7

I played this in my childhood, its great.

I love this game;)!!!!!!!!!!

by Megajorge#1 on 01/30/2017 - Version: 1.2.7

Great game you'll never stop playing........... gotta play more!!!!!!!!?

Changes from computer and stuff

by Jfifurifif on 01/29/2017 - Version: 1.2.7

The original version of the game is great and so is this one, it's just some changes that bug me like the mystery upgrade is only one animal now and it's stupid, it used to be fun to see it spin around as a little head on the computer but now it's just a frog and doesn't go as far. Also, the fuel consumption is just obviously annoying and needs to be changed if they ever update it again. Lastly, pretty much any graphical change between the computer version and this one I do not like at all, for instance once you finish the game and you're in endless it used to switch between all the places, but now it's just one like Olympic track or something I didn't really care that much.

PC version is better

by Ushxuhedin on 01/02/2017 - Version: 1.2.7

It's a pretty good app but the game on the website is better. It's easier to not use fuel on the website: you can easily return to a 'neutral' flight path and this makes long flights much easier. On your tablet you're almost always going to have a tilt and thus you're going to be using fuel, which shortens your flight considerably. Also, something about the physics of the game feel different from the PC version, im not sure what, but it doesn't feel as good.

Worth It

by Adamtiburon2 on 12/31/2016 - Version: 1.2.7

For $1 I have no complaints. No ads and it keeps you busy for hours. It doesn't even really matter whether or not they update it considering the low price. Wish there were more games like this to be honest.


by Itchy on 12/12/2016 - Version: 1.2.1

Why can't I just use magnet through out the whole flight plus I keep tapping and it's not working. Need more content too the computer version is a lot better bruh save ur 99 cents

Angry Pilot

by Agent on 12/06/2016 - Version: 1.2.1

Game crashes on loading screen every time I try to open it. Huge disappointment.

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