Lara Croft GO hack apk

Lara Croft GO hack apk

All puzzle solutions is the most used cheat code for Lara Croft GO on Android and IOS devices. All puzzle solutions for Lara Croft GO usually costs $1.99 if you are buying in the app. Our hack tool has 1 more cheats that you can use.

Lara Croft GO Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for in app purchases below, no human verification:

  1. All Puzzle Solutions $1.99

  2. Square Enix Outfit Pack $1.99

How to use Lara Croft GO hack tool

To use a hack tool for Lara Croft GO all you need to is click on USE HACK TOOL button, you will be presented with tool page, click on in app purchases you want , select a platform and location and follow the instructions to get your currency or other types of in-game values. There is no need to download anything, hacks work online and your device is safe!

Lara Croft GO Cheats Codes

Note that these codes are only for reference and made for internal app testing by SQUARE ENIX INC game developer, luckily we obtained them for you, but the only way to use them is through our hack tool.

All Puzzle Solutions $1.99 ——- Cheat: MVEYAVOR2G
Square Enix Outfit Pack $1.99 ——- Cheat: MP4WGPRDOH

Cheat codes list Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO Description

Apple's iPhone Game of the Year 2015
Best Mobile/Handheld Game - The Game Awards 2015

Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom.

• Experience lush visuals and a captivating soundtrack
• Navigate using simple swipe-to-move controls
• Fight menacing enemies, overcome dangerous obstacles and escape deadly traps
• Solve more than 115 puzzles split into 7 chapters
• Collect ancient relics and unlock new outfits for Lara

Following the award-winning Hitman GO, Square Enix Montréal brings yet another beloved franchise to mobile with this unique take on the iconic heroine’s adventures.

A legit masterpiece - The App Store
A classic Tomb Raider experience - IGN
A journey well worth taking - Entertainment Weekly
​A really great puzzle game- The Verge

Please note:
Lara Croft GO is not compatible with the iPhone 4.


Lara Croft GO

by Vitar05051973 on 12/19/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

Достойная и занимательная игра. Рекомендую и взрослым и детям.

Want a sequel.

by Wash on 12/13/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

Super fun single player adventure!

Important note.

by ???❤️? on 12/03/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

This game is truly beautiful, when I was around 10 I couldn't possibly finish the game but after some years I have came back to it and I am grateful I did so. Everyone should experience this game, just from the art to the amazing puzzles. Definitely a good buy.

Great puzzles!

by ness&giu on 12/03/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

May seem easy at first, but it gets challenging as you progress


by tonytigeer on 12/03/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

It’s truly the essence of playing as Lara on the Go.

You like puzzle!!!

by Jumble on 12/02/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

Ultimate puzzle game. Tig Ole’ Bitties.

Amazing puzzle game

by Mermaiden23 on 11/29/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

The best one I hav played so far, the controls can be annoying at times but overall a great game.

Surprising and Engaging

by Emilio on 11/28/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

This board-game style take on Tomb Raider game is surprisingly engaging. Lara Croft GO's simple graphics harken bark to the character's original adventures without seeming dated. Its puzzles are challenging, but never frustrating. The touchscreen controls work pretty well. The game, while not tied to any particular continuity, is filled with subtle nods to Tomb Raider games past. I'm particularly fond of the familiar sound vases make when you break them, as well as Lara's signature handstand ledge climb technique. Lara Croft GO is a great mobile game which deserves every single award it's ever won.

Gorgeous and clever

by Spencer_Lindsay on 11/27/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

Really liking this. The blocky aesthetic is so excellent. Love it.

If it looks interesting to you, just buy it

by Keyalynn on 11/26/2017 - Version: 2.1.8

If you’re someone like me who believes there can and should be more premium games on mobile, support this game, if you like a good and simple puzzle game, but this game. If you liked the old Tomb Raiders, buy this game. Honestly I have no issues with this game at all

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