Mr. Crab hack tool

Mr. Crab hack tool

Stone theme level pack is the most used cheat code for Mr. Crab on Android and IOS devices. Stone theme level pack for Mr. Crab usually costs $1.99 if you are buying in the app. Our hack tool has 9 more cheats that you can use.

Mr. Crab Hack Tool

Hack Tool works for in app purchases below, no human verification:

  1. Stone Theme level pack $1.99

  2. Ice Theme level pack $1.99

  3. Premium version $6.99

  4. Rocking Forest medium levels $1.99

  5. Sugar swirl levelpack $1.99

  6. Medium-Hard levels $1.99

  7. Canyon fever levelpack $1.99

  8. Maxine $0.99

  9. Arnold $1.99

  10. Mix 2 Levelpack $1.99

How to use Mr. Crab hack tool

To use a hack tool for Mr. Crab all you need to is click on USE HACK TOOL button, you will be presented with tool page, click on in app purchases you want , select a platform and location and follow the instructions to get your currency or other types of in-game values. There is no need to download anything, hacks work online and your device is safe!

Mr. Crab Cheats Codes

Note that these codes are only for reference and made for internal app testing by Illusion Labs game developer, luckily we obtained them for you, but the only way to use them is through our hack tool.

Stone Theme level pack $1.99 ——- Cheat: TG0EKFF9UF
Ice Theme level pack $1.99 ——- Cheat: M6I53T4DKP
Premium version $6.99 ——- Cheat: 83LGB4SLTQ
Rocking Forest medium levels $1.99 ——- Cheat: W2EXISLV4L
Sugar swirl levelpack $1.99 ——- Cheat: ZH3AWAK10M
Medium-Hard levels $1.99 ——- Cheat: RHB32IMSNM
Canyon fever levelpack $1.99 ——- Cheat: 2I8UWQDZT4
Maxine $0.99 ——- Cheat: LQ3Y38TY35
Arnold $1.99 ——- Cheat: KPNP3XIX4Z
Mix 2 Levelpack $1.99 ——- Cheat: 1PQ8RFZ6Q5

Cheat codes list Mr. Crab

Mr. Crab Description

Join Mr. Crab on his greatest adventure!

Mr. Crab is a super fast arcade game with a twist. Take control of Mr. Crab and jump your way to the top, rescuing as many baby crabs as possible.

Just tap on your screen to jump and climb to reach the top of the ever-spinning tower. But be aware, there are some foul enemies that will do anything to stop you.

Timing is everything
In Mr. Crab. you´ll need to use all your timing and quick thinking to get three stars on every level.

Over 100 challenging levels. 14 levels to unlock for free.
You will find different levels, like Beach Party, Hermit Heights and Acorn. Will you master them all?

Meet, defeat or avoid enemies
Encounter new enemies in every level. Say hello to Blowfish Bob, Fernando Feathers or Herman the Hermit… if you dare.
It´s up to you how will take care of the enemies, avoid them or defeat them…. otherwise they will defeat you.

Game Features
•Super fast & fun adventurous game at its best
•Face 5 foul bosses
•Run, jump, climb through many levels in different worlds
•Meet & defeat the giant bosses
•Universal: Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
•Stunning 3D graphics

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I have mixed feelings about the game .

by 4eva.joii on 12/12/2017 - Version: 1.8.2

I love the game because it’s so fun and entertaining also kinda But I don’t like that all the levels are not free and that you have to pay for it. Which makes a lot of people uninstall the game. So I think for a update make all the levels free with the game. Because if not the game should not be a free game.


by choriamerica on 12/06/2017 - Version: 1.8.2

Does not let me jump and you pay for levels

Good Game!

by Fun__Sized on 12/01/2017 - Version: 1.8.2

I’ve been playing Mr.Crab on and off since 2014, and it’s still fun to play. The first few levels are easy, but increase as they continue (like most games, obviously). It’s nice having an option to play in portrait and landscape mode, but portrait is best because it’s easier to see what you’re doing. Timing jumps between small platforms can be somewhat frustrating at first, but easy with practice. I’ve only played the free levels so far, but the game does have a good amount without add-ons. This isn’t a problem though because tied in with the rising difficulty, players will most likely need go back to try and get 3 stars for all stages. As for the game not being 100% free, developers need to eat too...


by puppydriver on 11/09/2017 - Version: 1.8.2

This is the best game in the App Store. It’s cute, it’s fun and, it’s super easy but gets harder as you go on

Love this game but.....

by Stephanie859 on 10/19/2017 - Version: 1.8.2

I wish they would add more levels more often. There is a Mr.Crab 2 but it’s completely different and I personally don’t like it.

Mediocre at best

by Emerson on 10/19/2017 - Version: 1.8.2

It did not match my expectations at all. I would not recommend this app to anyone.

Awesome ?

by cora on 08/30/2017 - Version: 1.7.3

Please make more free levels Xoxo ?

You must play this game!!

by Goddessdawn on 08/30/2017 - Version: 1.7.3

I cannot even recall how many times, I have downloaded this game, just so I could play it from the beginning...over & over again! Mr. crab makes me feel like a kid again, experiencing the beginning of the "run & jump" game genre! I would love if you would make more levels, continuing this game! It could be Mr. Crab 1.5!

Ok but ?

by Psyex5 on 08/30/2017 - Version: 1.7.3

It was so funnnnnn but I was very very very disappointed when I bet all the free levels and I have to buy the rest. Why do they even need all this money.


by HumpingDog on 08/21/2017 - Version: 1.7.3

This app is not the best app ever but it still is a really good app to entertain children or just for fun to play

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